It's been a minute.

A lot has happened. A lot of contemplations. A lot of personal reflections.

I use to think I needed to document me finding joy and teach people how to do it, but the truth is we are all on our own journey.

Here's where my journey is at:

I've been in this Inner Voice Facilitator Training. I knew it would be transformative, but I definitely feel some attachments to who I am/was as I "transform" on this journey of unpacking. I thought I would need to relive and understand all the things I have been through, in order to release it from my life, I'm realizing that's not true.

Some things take some realization, but some just are and just need to be breathed through.

I'm also realizing that some people can prove everything you're familiar with isn't the norm. Maybe my idea that in order to upgrade the people in your life you must first upgrade yourself is actually right. I know now the things I put up with in the past would no longer be tolerated, mostly because I don't have time to wonder if someone likes me or wonder if they value me in their life. I see it and they see it or it's not worth it. I'm too busy trying to build a beautiful life for myself to convince you to be apart of it.

Last thing before I go to sleep for the night. There is a huge difference between breathing and the breathe. I always thought they were the same. "I breathe all the time," but after IVFT training and having a couple sessions myself I realize there is a huge difference. You find depth in the breathe. You find answers in the breathe. You find yourself in the breathe. Breathing is just the act of your lungs pumping. Breathe is a connection to all that is.

Little catch up,


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