Sitting here this Sunday evening listening to Jazz and wrapping my head around this week and next. My little sister turned 18 today. This little girl will be forever my favorite thing in the whole world. She's the wises woman I know with logic and reason beyond anyone I know. I'm so grateful for her to balance out my emotional and imaginative self.

On another note, I was thinking about love/relationships while talking to a friend the other day. I realized love/relationships are a lot like sun castles. The way people build relationships with people now days is basically like going to the beach scooping up a bucket of sand and dumping it out. Little to no effort. Not looking for the right spot, right sand, or building something they're proud of. Just doing it to say they did it.

However, in order to have an amazing sandcastle, you have to take time. Finding the right spot, the right sand, working on it for hours on end just for the pure joy of it. Adding tower by tower, wall by wall, a moat if wanted. Then keeping up with it. Doing "maintainance" repairing walls that maybe be weather from the tide or even knocking down parts and starting over to build them stronger and better.

I used this metaphor when talking to a friend about where my head was at relationship-wise. Most people I met just want to make piles of sand and call it something. I am in a place where I want to build something, even if I only get to work on it for a short amount of time. I want an awesome sandcastle even if I have to leave it and move on. Maybe walk along the beach by myself in order to find a new spot to build another awesome sandcastle eventually or even come back to that sandcastle years later just to fix it up and make it awesome again.

figuring it out,


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