I've recently found myself thinking a lot more about relationships and love. With a bunch of my friends in the process of breaking up and moving on or finding themselves and figuring out who they want to be with it's fascinating to explore the different types and levels of relationships that we have in this day and age. We no longer are tied to the cookie-cutter, fall in love-get married-buy a house-have babies-grow old-heterosexual relationship model that was revered in the past. With social media and the internet, we are exposed to all sorts of different kinds of relationships: hookups, dating, long term relationships, and open relationships. I may be missing some that I don't even truly know of, but there's even value in a relationship with yourself. To me, it has become very apparent that being honest and knowing what my expectations are for a relationship guide me to at least not accept relationships I wouldn't be truly comfortable with. For example, I have never found myself being the kind of person who desperately wants to fall in love and get married. My priorities are different. I find travel and experience far more important and love will just happen along the way. In my mind love is everywhere, maybe not every type of love all at once, but it's in the colors of the sunset, smiling at strangers at the grocery store, hugging a dear friend, kissing a romantic interest. Each type of love different in their own way, but still filling my heart with joy and compassion for the other humans I share the earth with. I do sometimes find my heart guarded by the idea that I want to be cared for and loved by someone. I want to build something but then reminded that every relationship whether romantic or platonic is building more trust and compassion is approached in the correct manner. To being loved and giving love, T.H.

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