At the beginning of November, my therapist and I decided to it was time for me to work on my self-worth. I decided to dedicate the entire month of November to Self-Worth and write a ton of blog posts and research ways to increase self-worth.

THEN I avoided... For the whole month.

I didn't want to dig in a figure out why I felt unworthy of the things I have or have accomplished. I know I have gotten better than a couple of years ago trading my thoughts of:

They are too cool for me to they seem like someone cool to know and I could never do that, to I could try that for a little bit.

I'm getting better, but I want to be even more secure and grounded in my worth. So no matter what happens in life I know that I am worthy of love, worthy of entertainment, worthy or substance, worthy of food, worthy of support etc. Basically that I'm worthy of living this life and all it has to offer.

So here's to doing this journey through December, one of the most materialistic months of the year.

Let's do it.


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