Hard Things no one talks about:

Staring your potential in the face and being willing to jump between ordinary and extraordinary.

That moment when you could give up and be average and leave it up to an "I could have been a rockstar but decided not to." "I could have started my own podcast, but didn't." "I wish I would have started that business, but instead I worked for the system for 30 years and retired."

It's been my biggest "fear" for as long as I can remember.

It's terrifying. Like lay-in-bed-scared-of-my-own-shadow-why-am-I-even-trying scary. Like looking around at all my friends wondering "Why I should even try might as well go get mimosas with the girls," scary.

It's funny to me that I could scrape by to get through college and now get paid for what I learned, and yet I have been learning these other skills and don't find value in them?! That's crazy.

I had a woman release a giant emotional bean bag in her ovary/bladder about relationships. Hasn't been in any pain since. She came to an incredible insight about her relationship with alcohol and knew what she needed to do next by the end of the session. Like crazy powerful.

By January I will be a fully certified RTT therapist helping people reverse programming in their minds in order to live better lives.

By January I will be starting a podcast about being living your best most authentic real life.

I have been blogging for almost 5 years. My blog about depression gaining the most traction honestly.

I reached 5000 followers on TikTok in 3-4 months just for sharing how I think about the world.

HOW can I still not see how capable I am to accomplish my goals? I feel like one of those horses with the blinder things on. Everyone else can see how beautiful everything is all together and I can only see right in front of me.

Here is to looking potential right in the face and making it my Bitch.

As my inner voice told me in a Bean Bag session in April the universe is paving the path, all I have to do is walk on it, but my stubborn butt keeps trying to go through to make it harder on myself.

Here's to looking my purpose in the face and jumping into extraordinary.


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