Being in your 20s is such a weird thing. Like some days you go running and go to the gym and get all your work done and other days you forget to eat, take too long to get ready, and want to cry for no reason.

So here is the thing: I'm convinced that adults are just good at preparation, consideration, and faking.

We're all just out here doing the best we can a figuring out things we weren't taught at home or school like how to meal plan, budget, create our best life, how to make friends and network, etc.

Also, I just don't have the same social capacity as some of my friends too. Sure my mom says I'm good at socializing. But how the hell do you turn that into a career?

Recently I have been feeling full of potential with no sense of direction: Goes to IVFT and in RTT and yet I am still terrified to tell people that I am a Life Coach.

I feel like there is a playbook I don't know about. A set of skills I never learned. I'm ready for things to start unfolding and I see some of them but I wish I could get them to unfold all at once.

Also, this whole holiday season is just awful for a quality time loving transparent overthinker like me. I'm trying to find the love for it. My inner voice said to just focus on the faces of people instead of the gifts so *deep breathe* that's my plan.

Here goes to figuring it all out all over again,


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