I have realized something. A couple of years ago I was so resentful when influencers became popular. I had been an inconsistent blogger and model for years. Why couldn't that be me? Why wasn't anyone seeing me? It was a very ego-driven idea. The truth? I didn't deserve that. I was scared to post anything that could be annoying to any of my friends that may see it. I was so scared of being annoying that I would say nothing. It wasn't until I realized I had been conditioned to make myself small and not have an opinion because it might make someone feel bad. Well, guess what? In the last year, I found my voice and I'm not scared of what I have to say because it is my perspective. It is my journey. Guess what? I'm going to be wrong in some cases. I'm still learning. My generation acts like we know everything because if we have a moment of ignorance that is held to our head like a record of our transgressions. The thing about learning and getting better is giving yourself and others the space to learn.

After sharing some of my own thoughts on opinions on tiktok and being able to be myself this is what I realized. I never wanted to be an influencer at all. Fashion blogging was draining and demining. I want to be an INSPIRER. I want to give people the space to learn and grow into themselves. I want them to feel comfortable living their most joyful lives. I want them to learn who they are and what they are interested in.

Here's to being an INSPIRER.


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