Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Here I am sitting at my favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. They're busy, but not pact, no drunken margarita, mustached, Trump supporters here.

On this Cinco De Mayo I wanted to inform you about the true facts of Mexican culture. For you and also to inform myself.

1. Cinco De Mayo is a celebration to commemorate the Mexican Army's defeat over the French in the Battle of Puebla. In the 1862 Mexico and friends were fighting the Franco-Mexican War which was the second intervention in Mexican by the Second French Empire.

2. Cinco De Mayo is also known as the Battle of Puebla Day. Which was the battle that fueled the supporters of the war. At this time the United States was just rounding out the Civil War and was able to support Mexico.

The Dad of the family next to me just said "God some Mexican water for us," as he hands them a Smart Water which is owned by Coca Cola and manufactured in the United States.

3. This battle was 2,000 local men vs. 6,000 French Soldiers. The Mexican side was led by General Ignacio Zaragoza from Texas. The battle lasted from day break to early evening and was revered as a symbolic victory for Mexico.

4. This entire war was ober Mexican Debt to Spain, Britain, and France. Britian and Spain negotiated, while France invaded.

5. In Mexico Cinco De Mayo is treated as a regular day, not a national holiday. They may celebrate with some battle reenactments or military parades. We in America have turned it into a drinking holiday "celebrating" mexican culture by eating at inauthentic mexican restaurants with tequila filled margaritas.

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