6/12/2021- Priority? Me? You can't be serious.

When it comes to my own goals I'll be one hundred percent honest I have a hard time.

I will put people in my life before my goals every time. Probably because there is a sense of accountability and urgency with other people.

When I wake up in the morning there isn't someone there to "guide me through" my mornings like a parent. I am the parent now and I'll be honest when I don't have something to wake up for... I will spend hours wandering around trying to figure out what to do next.

Inner voice sessions have definitely helped and tuning into my inner voice does give me a bit of guidance of what to do next but this is how my mornings normally look.

8:00 am Wake up: Wow! Look at that I woke up pretty early for summertime. I could get up and go get coffee somewhere or go work out or even do some yoga on the porch or sleep in a bit longer or read and write...

8:30 am OVERWHELMED with decisions to the point where I just fall back asleep.

9:00 am Re-Wake Up: Ok now what? Should I shower or go work out? Run errands? What do I do???

9:30 am Finally get up make some sort of breakfast that takes me 10 minutes to decide on.

11:00 am I somewhat resembles a human and I'm ready to get my day started.

What happened? Have you ever felt like this?

I think it has to do with decision fatigue and overthinking. Which I have realized is better when I just decide what I'm doing beforehand or give myself limited options.

But Trielle what does this have to do with priorities?

I'm so glad you asked. See I have realized that I am constantly looking for a direction instead of looking at myself for directions. I'm learning to use my priorities as the direction for my choices. When I woke up I should have gotten out of bed instead of thinking too much and getting on my phone. I could have spent some time on my yoga mat and meditating for 30 minutes. Showered gotten ready and headed to the coffee shop down the street to work on my business or pure barre.

Either way, I want to rewrite my life to be prioritized around my goals instead of fitting them in whenever I feel like I have time.

What are the first 3 things I currently do in the morning?

1. Check my Phone (Social/Connection)

2. Get Ready (but normally quickly and without much intention or ease)

3. Coffee (The one consistent thing about my morning)

What I would like to focus on in most aspects of my day is Health, Wealth, and Myself.

Health - keeping up with old health habits while also adding in new healthy habits as I go.

Wealth - learning how to save my money, how to spend it, and how to earn it.

Myself - centering myself to my purpose and my goals using meditation and reading books. Focusing inward and letting it shine through outward.

Ready to truly reflect on your priorities?


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