First off Happy Birthday to My Dad. 50 years on this planet and what a life you have created for us. I'm proud of you for overcoming so many obstacles in your life in order to get where you are now. Listening to all your stories is magical.


Why is it so easy to make small safe moves instead of life-changing big ones? Personally I think it's because it's hard to imagine. I'm sitting here thinking about all these things I want to do and yet allowing myself to do them feels scary and insane.

But when I look back at graduating college, which I never thought I could do that. When I think about making the decision to transfer colleges, I never thought I could do that. When I think about how I'm living in my favorite city with one of my best friends, I never thought I could do that.

I think it's funny that when we go driving around the city I hear people say "What a beautiful house, but it's so expensive." OK COOL what makes you think you can't get the job to make enough money to live in a beautiful house? Why limit yourself to where you currently are? This is your life. Go get it. Don't live in excess, but find a way to live the life you always wanted. Find a way to attract the person you always wanted. Find a way to have the nights you always wanted. For me that's picnics in the park, wine nights on the porch, dancing around the kitchen, making charcuterie boards with friends, finding someone who matches my energy, loving everyone I come into contact with... and signing up for a class that scares me, but I know will be a step in the life I want to live and give me access to help people through their limiting beliefs and allowing me to work remotely so I can be wherever this soul of mine takes me.

You know people watch horror movies for the thrills, but I want to do things that scare me in real life. Like imagining $500,000 in my bank account. Like falling in love and being able to be vulnerable. Like believing in myself and convincing others to believe in me too. Like buying the house of my dreams.

I want to show them how it's done.


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