When did human decency become surprising and actually kind of thrilling to me? I know that awhile back I stopped expecting people to do what they said because it caused less stress in my life. After being disappointed again and again it just became easier to have no expectations. However, having realistic expectations that people can prove whether they want to be in my life or not, has helped.

I just always think back to the first time I was in therapy and my therapist explained how building relationships takes time and trial and error. Figuring out how to work together. My frustration is I normally know if I want someone in my life almost instantly. Like why waste time. If there is anything that I learned from Simon Sinek though it is that relationships aren't like Instacart and cant be completed and delivered in a day or even two days. They are slow meandering processes that take time.

What does this have to do with expectations? Well having expectations that are too high it's almost like building walls around yourself to keep people out. Really you have to see people as they are and decide if they add happiness or joy to your life just by existing as their unique selves. Are you going to get along with every person? No, most likely not. Will you always get along with people in your life currently? No, probably not. Life is ever-changing people are ever-changing and if there is anything that I have learned recently it is that you have to enjoy people while they're in your life. Who knows how long they will stay. Could be forever or could be a day. Either way, enjoy the time and let them go if they need to go. Who knows they could always come back.


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