Exposing the Lies - Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols talks about a tool to rewrite the lies you tell yourself in order to reprogram how you think about them during her interview with Tom Bilyeu. Since I decided to do it after weeks of putting it off I figured I would share the instructions for those who feel inclined. Who wants to rewrite some lies together?

"There is no word for "try" in Swahili. You either are or not. We sometimes use try to put off making a decision or disappointing others, just do it at this moment right now. Don't try it. Do. Bold yes or bold no, just choose."

Here is the whole video.

Here is the Exposing the Lies Piece.

What you will need: A little stack of paper, a pencil, a red pen, and a sharpie (optional)

Time Commitment: The first day may take 30min-60 min then 10-20 min for 4 Days.

We tell ourselves a lot of things throughout the day and just in daily life. I have realized working with kids that we are our own biggest bullies. What this activity does is gives you an opportunity to rewrite the script.

Day 1- "I am my rescue. No one else."

First, you're going to take the sheets of paper and write the titles Body (Health/Fitness/Wellness), Money (finance/business), Spirituality, Relationships(friends/family/romantic) at the top of the page. Underneath you'll write all the lies you tell yourself about that topic. Don't leave anything unturned. You may get emotional. Some thoughts might come up, but remind yourself that you're flipping the script.

Start by writing in pencil and leave space like 4 lines of space in between. Every lie, every mean thought. Every negative thing that pops up or comes up in your mind.

Then take a red pen and write the truth in between each lie. Make sure to keep the truths positive. For example from my own paper:

Everyone leaves.

The people who are meant to stay will.

Even if you can believe it yet. There is a truth in every lie. You just forgot. Your living like you don't know your truth, but you know.

Day 2

Read through all your lies and read the truths. Read it to yourself or your animal or in the mirror. Just read them all. Neuro-linguistic training your mind to rethink about the lies you have been telling yourself. Cry if you need to. Laugh if you need to. I personally laughed at myself because of how silly some of the lies sounded and how untrue they really are. The point is read them.

Day 3

Erase the lie. You don't need it anymore you now have the truth. You can believe it. You can believe in yourself. Those lies you wrote on day one aren't serving you anymore. Erase them. Then read all the truths again. Smile because your taking steps forward to retrain yourself how to think about them.

Day 4 - "The truth is sexy."

First of all pat yourself on the back because you did it. Then guess what? Read all those truths again. Every single one of them. Keep these papers if that serves you and read them when you need a reminder because we all sometimes do. Those lies have no power over you now. You now see the truth and there is power in the truth.

I can truly say through this experience it opened my eyes to the little lies I have held on to for a long time. I feel freer, lighter, and unstoppable now more than ever. I definitely want to try this technic around specific topics, like starting a youtube channel, to see what else comes up. How did you feel after doing this?

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