Great *Dating* Expectations

At this point in my dating life, it is almost a predictable expression from algebra.

x * (Cute Outfit + Great Setting + Flirty Comments) = Instagram Follow

x + DM's = Possible Date

Possible Date / Expectations = ?

But in the case of flirting with older guys it somehow ends with a facebook friend request (circa 2007) and witty banter about Farmville. I'm just as surprised and a little tickled as you are, but it does truly make me think about what kind of flirting each generation has accepted as a norm.

When my grandpa tried to woo my grandma into going on a date with him, he brought her flowers and a card and put them on the hood of her car. A move that now would be considered creepy by most girls. Have we taken the effort out of dating? Have we limited our views of romantic acts to only things we can instagram? What is the most romantic gesture you have ever experienced? I'm truly curious at what our perspective is at this current stage.

The part that we forget is that dating isn't always about finding the love of your life, sometimes it's just having a human connection. Talking, flirting, learning about another person's life and having someone to learn about yours. Maybe even learning abit about yourself as well. Plus the oh so sexy eye contact.

Here's to hoping dating gets a face lift and we all learn to slow down for a minute.


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