How would the person I want to be act?

This is inspired by a post I saw on Instagram today. "Decide how the person you want to become would act and then act that way - even when it's really f***ing hard," from Tom Bilyeu.

We all have dreams and imagine who we wish we could be. Who we want to be can even seem so distant that it is masked by jealousy. Think of those who you may feel some jealousy for. Is it because they have the car you want, the job you want, the body you want, a significant other etc. Now instead look at their behaviors and the way that act. Are there things they are doing that you know intuitively you should be doing? Flip the script and think about if you were 100% yourself how would you act.


If I were the person I wanted to be I would love others with a sense of purpose. Not so much that I love everyone, but that those that I love, I love them in the ways then need to be loved. Which means being blunt sometimes. Which means teaching them they are whole all by themselves.

If I were the person I wanted to be, I would value physical fitness in my life. I would find some way everyday to move my body in a way that brings me joy. I would do yoga in the morning to wake my body up, run daily to keep up my endurance, and lift weights to build strength. I would dance whenever I got the chance even if I don't know all the moves with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

If I were the person I wanted to be, I would know that life gets hard sometimes. That doesn't mean it's the end of the world like younger me thoughts. It is just a new challenge to overcome. I would remind myself daily to do hard things, try hard things, and accomplish hard things to remind myself that the only thing in my way is my own mind.

If I were the person I wanted to be, I would read daily. There are so many books and amazing content out there that sometimes I get overwhelmed. If I'm ever to get through half the content I want to get through, I have to dedicate time every day to consuming these amazing books. Plus it is time off my screen, which I have realized is important.

If I were the person I wanted to be, I would dedicate myself to my goals and be clear on wether I'm procrastinating, being lazy, or getting in my own way. That way I could further execute on those goals.


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