If I had $1,000 what would I spend it on?

Welcome to Day 1 of the prosperity game! After having a huge realization in Miami that I don't dream big enough I realized I wanted to try to prosperity game. So every day for the month of October I will be "spending" money on things to expand my imagination of what I could do with my finances.

$500 towards my credit card debt

Being in my early twenties and making it on my own and also trying to balance a social life and bill has me trying to pay down a bit of debt that accumulated. The usual learning curve.

$250 deductible to fix my car

About a month ago someone sideswiped my car in a grocery store parking lot. Since I bought my car brand new it hurt my soul. So getting it fixed is definitely a top priority.

$250 in savings

Always build savings, right?

Good start right? Not very imaginative because basic needs first right?


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