If I randomly asked customers at a restaurant for life advice, what would they say?

Right after college I was unsure and confused about what I wanted to do. I had realized how I am none traditional and the "checklist" of the usual things you do in life were just not cutting it.

It seemed strange to me that I thought I had to go to college, meet someone, date, get married, and have kids. Yes all those things a great and dandy, but in my self exploration I realized they are not necessary to your happiness or life. You can live your life from outside the checklist that everyone seems so tapped into.

All that being said I decided not to get a job in my set career from college. Call it a rebellion or denial, but I wanted to take a moment to figure out what I was suppose to do. To let the murky water of senior year and graduation settle and give myself a clear look at life. I got a serving job at a restaurant called Grinds and Wines. It became my safe haven for a moment of utter chaos.

One day while serving some of our regulars, a group of four who regularly came in to enjoy wine night and pizza. I asked them to write down life advice for someone my age figuring things out and here is what they wrote:

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Continue to interact with your clientele. Enjoy life. When you feel down remember a great time!

Marry someone who loves you a little bit more than you love him. :)

Have fun. Enjoy life. Love puppies.

Now the funny thing to me looking back at this a year later is the obvious focus on love, fun, and enjoyment. Is everything in life going to be enjoyable? HECK NO, but I have found that you can find joy even in the saddest of moments.

What advice would you give 20 somethings who are just trying to figure it out?


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