What are some good things that have come out of this quarantine for you?

I have personally been in Quarantine with my parents and sister since Friday, March 13th (39 days total.) It is the most time I have ever spent in my house since the summer before 5th grade when I started reading Harry Potter and had to finish the whole series before returning to school. Never the less I am trying to focus more on the positives going on for myself in quarantine then the negatives I can't control.

So today name a couple things that you are glad you get to do bored in the house and in the house bored.


1. Better at checking and replying to Emails...All four different inboxes worth of email.

2. Understanding the value of reaching out and really connecting with friends.

3. Facing my bulls*** and backing up what I say with actions. Doing actions that work toward who I want to be without feeling the need to tell anyone.

4. Finding new and different ways to work out from home. Plus proving to myself that I truly have no excuse.

5. How much I value my job and little things in my life, that I previously took for granted.

I hope you are able to share light on a bit of your life through this very different time.


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