What did you do this weekend?

On Saturday morning I woke up with a plan to go to brunch with my friend Brendan. Little did I know brunch was going to last 24 hours.

In my sleepy stooper, I grabbed my favorite romper and sandals, threw my hair in a bun and headed out the door. I was still tired from the night before hanging out with one of my close friends and roommates talking about love and the possibility that you never stop loving those around you, just love them in a lesser intensity.

To walk into a beautiful Buckhead apartment with minimalist navy blue tufted chairs, a dark wood table surrounded by windows, and hunter green velvet chairs. An apartment filled with people I have never met for a glitter and rainbow filled brunch.

These past couple months I have found little moments like these surrounded by people I find intriguing in beautiful places. Atlanta has truly been a city of exploration. As we sipped on champagne and OJ trying to remember all the names of the people we were chatting with and taking pictures for our Instagrams and Snapchats, I realized this was not going to be just a brunch. I realized my plans were being put on the back burner to enjoy this moment in front of me. To surrender to 24-hour brunch.

The day continues on headed to Pride in Piedmont Park, running into friends from college, high school, and every avenue in between. I have never felt so surrounded by support and acceptance.

At one point I hear one of my favorite songs Glamorama by Bryce Vine and I contemplate running towards the stage from the other side of the field knowing I would figure out how to get back to my group eventually. SO I RAN! I sang every word of the song plus the other two I know by heart.

The night ended with a concert in the park surrounded by a set of new friends and smiling faces.

Sunday morning I awake and head to a friend's family's Brunch wearing the same brunch outfit from before. Greeted and introduced to his wonderful pride loving family, the best mac-n-cheese I have ever had, and another unexpected wonderful experience. We got to see the parade right in front of the Fox Theatre. I somehow ended up with a giant cardboard cutout of GEazy's head, which is you know me at all is THRILLING.

I finally got home exhausted, but so happy about the past 24 hours and knew it was a day full of stories.

What did you do this weekend? Did anything unexpected happen?

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