What do you love about yourself?

Day 3 of the Questioning Challenge. In my opinion, we don't give ourselves enough credit. Think about the last time someone paid you a compliment, did you actively accept it or did you dismiss it? You have spent your whole life building who you are with help from those around you. Give yourself some credit. This isn't meant to fuel your ego, more than giving yourself credit for what you have done and what you are working on. Challenge: Write things that you don't like about yourself too.

I love my body for giving me the ability to do things like lifting and yoga.

I love my skin for protecting me from the elements.

I love how much I love my friends unconditionally.

I love my blue eyes.

I love how tall I am.

I love how determined I am.

I love my positive outlook.

I love my family.

I love my ability to try new things.

I love my feet.

I love my ability to write and engage people.

I love being outgoing.

I love that I overthink and analyze things.

I love that I question everything.

I love my ability to find peace.

I love my taste for interior design.

I love my closet that I have carefully picked.

I love being my own version of minimalist.

I love how I cultivate relationships and find my tribe.

I love following my intuition.

I love my skin, even when I have breakouts.

I love my freckles.

I hope your list is long and makes you smile.


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