What do you want?

Day 2: This question is inspired by my therapy training. The truth is we rarely spend time honing in on what we truly want. We want certain externally materialistic things in order to impress people around us. We want a certain kind of education to impress or fulfill our family. We want certain milestones because society tells us it is what expected.

So the challenge with this question is to sit down with a pen and paper. Take a couple of deep breaths to ground yourself. Then write what you want.

Extention: You can use three categories to write about certain time periods and create an actionable plan. What do you want today, What do you want this week/month/year, and What do you want out of life. I stick to one to two at a time.

I want to help free people from themselves.

I want financial freedom to have the ability to pursue my dreams and passions.

I want to lead a joyful life.

I want to love those who I come in contact with unconditionally.

I want to level up to my own potential and believe in the ideas and dreams I have.

The thing to remind yourself is that this is possible and accessible to you.

Yes, you can.


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