What is my favorite version of me?

We all hear a lot about being your best or highest self and truly and honestly, sometimes that's just plain hard. My little perfectionist self has a wonderful idea of the best version of me. Let me tell you that girl is a walking contradiction. She wants to do say and be everything and honest it's just not possible. It would be like trying to find a house near the beach, on a mountain, in the city, but without the noise and a small-town feel but not so small that everyone is in your business.

That's when I saw this post to the right on Instagram and it became pretty clear. Being my favorite self is a version that can be in low and high points of my life. My favorite version of myself reacts very differently to things than my preserved best/highest self would.

First of all, with the pressure of my best self, I think of it as being the "perfectionist side of me. The best doesn't feel like there is room for mistakes.

On the flip side, there is my highest self. That self feels too zen. That feels like I need to love every moment and sing "kumbaya" and get along with every person I am in contact with. Which I won't. Not even because of me, but because not everyone will like me.

With that being said here is my answer to: What is my favorite version of myself?

(What would I look like? Feel like? Act like?


My favorite version of myself loves herself for all she is and all she will ever be. She wears clothes that make her feel confident in where she is going. Things with silky textures and soft knits. Colors that are neutral and can be worn frequently with love. Brands that I dreamed of as a child.

I take care of my body through exercises like yoga, weight lifting, and workout classes. I also move through dancing, walking and running. I have a child-like innocence and excitement in life. Knowing that each moment doesn't last forever and should be enjoyed with fullness. I am prepared and have a plan, mostly so I'm aware of my goals and how I use my time. I put my best foot forward in every situation, knowing that it also means I'll have to be a beginner sometimes. I would love myself and others whole heartedly, because love is an abundance resources and it brings me more joy to love someone while I can than to withhold love. (I personally feel like people hold back love for fear of not being loved and then regret not loving someone when they had the chance. I don't want that.) I'll love someone with my whole heart even if it's for 10 minutes and then I never see them again. No regrets, because maybe they needed that love.

(Also keep an eye out for redefining words like Love and what they mean to you coming soon)

My favorite version of myself would show up for her life every day and every occasion. My favorite version would feel her emotions when they came up instead of trying to hide and bury them. My favorite version of myself would not let others put limits on her life by telling her phrases that include "can't, won't, didn't, etc." My favorite version of myself would follow through on the things she said she would do, and thus not agree to everything so she can accomplish that without trying too hard.

I'm sure there is more, but for now,

that sounds pretty amazing to me.


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