Where do you feel rested?

Today my friend Heather sent me a message on Instagram with this question suggesting it for the blog. For one I have to appreciate how nice it is to have friends who are supporting this blog journey. A couple of years ago I was scared to even tell anyone I was a writer. Two what an interesting question.

I have to be honest that recently I haven't felt quite rested. I sometimes take things in bulk. If I'm resting it has to be for a long time or a whole day and if I'm working or being productive it must be for hours on end. However, that isn't always the best way to work or rest. Sometimes taking a moment to sip your coffee outdoors on your porch can be the most resting moment.

Here are 5 ways I feel rested throughout my day:

  1. Going to bed ready for the next day. I sleep so much better when I know my schedule and I have a plan for the next day.

  2. I feel rested when I take time for my skincare. Something about making sure my skin is ready for bed is so rejuvenating.

  3. Spending time outside makes me feel rested. Taking a moment to just enjoy the weather and time I have to spend in the fresh air.

  4. Hanging out with people would replenish my energy makes me feel rested as well. There are certain people in my life who add energy to my life and it is those people who I feel rested around.

  5. Journaling or Brain Dumps make me feel rested. Getting all the thoughts that are tumbling around my head out help to let my mind rest more.

I challenge you to think of the habits and moments that make you feel the most rested. Try to include one or two throughout your day.


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